as Croatian pronunciation of the word picky

Meaning of Picky in English -Someone who is picky is very  careful  about choosing only what
they like. Wanting everything to be right .
And yes..we are the picky ones…
…and we will turn around the world to find sustainable materials with the highest quality
and yet so beautiful to fall in love; we choose something different..we pick materials that are
eco-friendly and innovative.
…and among thousands of good suppliers and manufacturers, we choose the ones that
share our passion for creation, innovation, and sustainability. We pick the best ones.
…and from a million of good ideas and prototypes, we pick the ones with whom we truly
believe, who make us happy, we pick the brightest gems ..for you
globally sourced but locally made in Croatia (EU)



dalmatian word for tomato, juicy red fruit, pure, fresh and natural

True tomato lovers know how difficult it is to find the „perfect“ tomato that will delight your
body and soul, the one that you will remember.
And that’s about what we know about tomatoes.. we like the idea of the perfect tomato,
the idea that everything we do, tends towards the “perfect tomato”.
Natural and eco- friendly bags, shoes, clothes and accessories are our „tomatoes“, and this is
our recipe for the path to perfection:


The one to fall in love at first sight. The one you will love next year, and many other years to
The one that is functional and fits easily into your everyday life and yet original and different.
The one that will inspire you and excite you.

Natural and eco friendly materials

Are the only ones we use because we love and respect nature; it is a part of us and we are a
part of it. Materials that are not of animal origin and that are harmless to humans.
The touch of cotton on the skin and the wood underfoot creates that feeling of freedom and
comfort that is priceless.


All our products are hand crafted under fair working conditions, which is very important to
Producing in small series, where each piece is a small work of art and made with high quality,
is something we do and we will stick to in the future.
It is our desire to create things that will make your day and that you will pass on as a legacy.
And now …. we want to see a smile on your face


Inspired by nature, sometimes by timeless pieces and sometimes by the cutting-edge
technologies and fabrics on the market. Looking forward to the future. Happy where she is.

It is intended for those who have style and for those who are looking for it, for those who
are different, looking for something new.

Piki Poma is for those who have finally found us

Although we have many years of experience in the fashion and creative industry Piki Poma
is a new idea that we want to share with the world as well as our passion for creating.
Piki Poma hopes to be a part of your happy moments and fondest memories.

Mirna, Ida and A welcome YOU!
Come join us and explore our Piki Poma Planet!