Corky Bags


Made out of cork leather, an ethical vegan alternative to leather.
If you have not encountered cork leather before, then you need to know the following:
It is material that is extremely durable, lightweight,water-proof and easy to clean. It makes a
perfect choice for production of premium quality, eco friendly handbags and accessories.
If you have already had the opportunity to hold cork leather in your hands, then you know
what it is all about. Just opt for one of our Corky bag models.

meet our supermodels with character.


Shoulder bag

unusual in an attractive and interesting way

Is characterised by its unique and particular style with a lumpy rectangular shape.
The Bag is crafted by the creasing technique with carefully stretched cork cord. It resulted in a
completely different look of the standard cork leather, as well as the unusual look of the bag itself.
The detachable shoulder straps make this bag endlessly versatile and practical and will go from
day to night with ease.
Quirky bag will highlight numerous outfits regardless of the season and keep your belongings secure.
The bag has a full zipper closure.


Tote bag

affectedly grand, solemn or self-important, kind of a big deal

a specious and functional bag with secure zippered top provides maximum style impact.
It is a lightweight bag with capacious silhouette and unique ruched design.
With a detachable handle and an adjustable shoulder strap, this tote bag offers versatile
Upgrade your look from day to night and from season to season with a Pompous bag in any
color you choose.