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Wood + Wood = WoW clogs
Wood as pure solid wood shoe base and wood as cork wood upper in the form of a doubled cork leather
WOW clogs are hand made from natural materials and each pair is unique.
Functionality and minimalistic design with the addition of changeable decorations make Wow clogs timeless.
Wearable in 2 ways. As minimalistic designed clogs with plain black cork leather strap or with changeable decoration – E clips -Nature Miracle
And yes, you can borrow E-clips to other shoes.
Created for a comfortable everyday walk with the distinguished sound.
Wow clogs, like all our eco-friendly products, are handcrafted, made in a small edition where each piece is a little work of art and made with high quality.



• Heel height: 4 cm / 1,57″
• Platform height: 1,5 cm / 0,59″
• Sole: Linden wood, profiled shape, non-slip
• Leather upper: Cork leather double-sided
• Footbed: Natural wood for excellent moist absorption
• Fastening: Brass tone nails
• Changeable decoration E clips – Nature Miracle
• Dust bag included


EURO 38 | US 7 | UK 5 | inside sole 24,8cm | 9,76 ”

EURO 39 |US 8 | UK 6 | inside sole 25,5 cm | 10,04 ”

EUR 40 | US 9 | UK 7 | inside sole 26,5 cm | 10,43 ”

EURO 41 | US 10 | UK 8 | inside sole 27 cm | 10,63 ”

EURO 42 | US 11 | UK 9 | inside sole 27,5cm | 10,83 ”

If you are between two full sizes, we suggest you size up. For instance, if you are a between an 38/US 7 and a 39/US 8 we suggest you order a 39/US 8.
If you know your EUR size then we do recommend that you order your regular size. If you are unsure about what size to get feel free to contact us and we would be very glad to help you.

FIT: Medium width


WOODEN shoe base
Pure solid wood shoe base provides natural support resulting in a healthy posture.
As breathable and durable material, wood is kind to your feet, keeping them nice and cool.
If the wood becomes dirty, it is best to gently clean it with a damp cloth or, if necessary, use soap and water. Lightly sanding with fine sandpaper is a good idea if you want to clean up scratches and dents.
If the bottoms absorb too much external water, put them in a dry place at room temperature and allow the clogs to dry slowly. Do not heat up your clogs or try to speed up the drying process as this could cause the wood to crack or split.
We recommend slipping your clogs off while driving to prevent marks and stains.
Stuffing them with newspaper when you’re back will help maintain the shape.
Our clog bases are made of solid wood, and, if struck against a hard surface with sufficient force, will chip. This is the nature of wooden bases, not a material defect.
If the outsole rubber falls off, please do not wear your clogs. As wood is soft, it will wear down quickly and become irreparable. Please take your clogs to your local cobbler. Any cobbler will be able to replace the outsole rubber.

Cork leather is a natural and sustainable material made from the bark of the cork oak tree that rebuilds itself every 9 years.
It is extremely durable, lightweight, water-proof and easy to clean material, which makes it a perfect choice for the production of premium quality eco-friendly handbags and accessories.

You may simply clean your cork clogs (upper) by using a damp cloth with mild soap and water,
scrubbing gently as necessary.
Interestingly, membranes that make up the cork cells contain Suberin, a waxy substance that keeps the cork from absorbing dust, dirt or moisture!
Cork is the material that actually improves over time. As it is worn in, it develops „character“ and become more flexible, but not lose any of their physical properties.
All our products are handmade. Therefore, please allow small imperfections, as that is the beauty of handmade items.
No two pairs of clogs are the same and each pair has natural variations in colour, wood grain and construction.

• Real colours may look different on your display, depending on the settings and technical characteristics
• Feel free to contact us for any questions or doubt that you have and we will respond as soon as possible

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg

EUR 40 | US 9 | UK 7 | inside sole 26,5 cm | 10,43 ”, EURO 38 | US 7 | UK 5 | inside sole 24,8cm | 9,76 ”, EURO 39 | US 8 | UK 6 | inside sole 25,5 cm | 10,04 ”, EURO 41 | US 10 | UK 8 | inside sole 27 cm | 10,63 ”, EURO 42 | US 11 | UK 9 | inside sole 27,5cm | 10,83 ”


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